healthyeatingdeliciousrecipes.com founded by Call Enterprises Inc
Grand Island New York

Bio: I have worked in the retail food industry for almost 30 years since I was diagnosed with MS my goal is to lead everyone to healthy eating habits,By offering healthy eating cookbooks and weight management food items such as Gluten Free,Smoothie Recipes Weight Loss Diet Recipes,Healthy Kids Meals Cookbooks,Protein Diet Food Products and Protein Diet Bars. Offered through other reputable advertisers and companies that are trusted and well known on my health and wellness site to help end obesity in our families and children founded by me Call Enterprises founder of healthyeatingdeliciousrecipes.com. Also my goal is to donate sales to MS Society they help so many like me now it is time for me to give back TO HELP END THIS DISEASE !

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  1. appreciate your visit to food for fun, Keith! Thanks for coming over to fry tortilla chips with me 🙂 Not especially healthy, though from-scratch is good and the guac was highly nutritious!

    Very cool that you’ve started this business. Love your goal of educating for healthier habits. Nice.

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