Raw Chia Seeds

Raw Chia Seeds
Chia Seed Raw Health From The Sun 16 oz Seed $20.37Raw Chia Seeds

Raw Chia Seeds are nutritious and Gluten-Free, Great source of fiber omega-3 also complete source of protein. One ounce of Chia delivers 5 g of protein that aids in muscle recovery, blood sugar control and dry eyes.
Antioxidants found in Raw Chia Seed are comparable to fresh blueberries on a gram for gram basis. Chia Seed with the ability to absorb fluids promotes hydration and the feeling of fullness.
Use Raw Chia Seed by sprinkling on you favorite hot or cold foods or blending into smoothies or your favorite beverage of choice.
Sun Raw Chia Seed is rigorously quality tested to guarantee purity and truth in labeling . Size 16 oz directions use only as directed take one heaping tablespoon one to two times per day with liquid or mix with food.
Keep out of sunlight store in cool dry place, serving size 1 tbsp ingredients amount per serving. Daily value + Calories 40, Calories from fat 35, Total fat 4 g, 1 Dietary fiber 4 g, 16 protein 2 g, 4 Calcium 86 mg, 9 Iron 2 mg, 11 Phosphorus 12.
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